Ralph Wilson Stadium

Ralph Wilson Stadium

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CBS Sports: Report: Josh Katzowitz: Jon Bon Jovi Also Wants to Keep the Bills in Buffalo

I think it would be borderline tragic if the Bills were to ever leave the Buffalo area especially for a Canadian city like Toronto or any other city in Canada. With all due respect to Toronto and other great Canadian sports cities, but Buffalo is great Americans football market as far as how they support their club. Their fans aren’t the reason why the Bills haven’t made the playoffs since 1999. Their management has been by not settling on a general manager and head coach and not finding the right people for those positions. And as a result they switch head coaches almost every year or two years.

The Bills have been close to becoming a playoff team a few times the last ten years or so and even producing a few 9-7 winning seasons and a few 8-8 seasons. But never quite getting over the top, but haven’t been able to find that head coach to get them to the next level. And give that coach the players and talent needed to get over that hump. And a part of that has to do with revenue and where they play. Which is where my solution comes in how to save the Bills in Buffalo.

The City of Buffalo and Upstate New York is pretty well-known for having a lackluster economy where good jobs are hard to find. You not only keep the Bills in the Buffalo area, but move them to downtown Buffalo with a retractable roof downtown stadium and you’ll have a club with the revenue stream to compete against the rest of the AFC East. But now the Bills with that dome stadium would be in the market for the Super Bowl. And be able to attract December and January college bowl games. And other major events to the area. Which would a big economic boost for the rest of the economy there.


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Star Trek is clearly not the best show of all time (also this just in the world of the obvious if you take a shower you’re likely to get wet) but Star Trek was definitely a very entertaining show. I would describe it as a sci-fi/comedy where you had basically a comedian for the captain in Bill Shatner. With a great cast to go around, including a first officer played by Len Nimoy who knew everything about everything except for what it was like to be a human. He seemed to lack certain feelings and emotions that the rest of us had making him somewhat distant (even for space Travel). Which is saying something since this show took place on a spaceship.

Well most likely the USS Enterprise was not a real spaceship up in space. No not a spaceship underwater in case you were wondering that. (Good guess Captain) You had the chief engineer played by a drunk Scotsman. (is there any other type of Scotsman) Who never met a problem he couldn’t freak out about. With Scottie gee that’s a surprise a Scotsman named Scottie, I wonder if there are any italians named Angelo or Spaniards named Jose. Maybe I’ll google that and Captain Kirk telling Chief Scottie, dammit Scottie (or something to that effect) you must calm down man and handle the situation! Which was like Chief Scottie’s magic potion or whatever. Because they of course operated in a perfect world up in space where the good guys and girls always won.

You had the chief medical officer called Bones played by Jimmy Carter, I mean DeForest Kelly (who reminds me of President Jimmy Carter) who was basically in charge, well the health care on the ship naturally. But in his spare time to make sure there was someone always there to freak out (when Scottie wasn’t available) with his famous line, “dammit Jim I’m a doctor not God!” Star Trek was again a very entertaining show because again you had basically a comedian as the captain in Bill Shatner. Who I’m sure did a lot if improvising and improv on that show, hell I know I would’ve done the same thing.

Because the show wasn’t built around great writing, of course you know it’s a spaceship where people can live on it year round so none of the plots were believable. (Unless you’ve been drinking and been high for two weeks straight and started seeing things like Klingons or Jerry Falwell in a hip hop video as the performer. Or Pat Robertson coming out for same-sex-marriage or whatever the fantasy may be) But is was a show with an excellent cast that took place in of course in a galaxy unknown.

This was Star Trek, they had to make to funny because it wasn’t believable. They would go to other planets millions of miles from Earth where the people looked human and of course spoke perfect English. )They could teach some of our immigrants how to speak English as well) This is how realistic this show was. And they did a great job with what they had and comedian Kevin Pollack does as good of a Captain Kirk as Bill Shatner one comedian making fun of another.

The Real Captain Kirk

The Real Captain Kirk

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Like marijuana decriminalization in Maryland, this is a step in the right direction. I would go even further with the six main FBS conference champions in college football automatically making the playoffs and have a six team playoff. Perhaps that will be the next step, five years from now, having a real playoff tournament to decide the FBS national college football champion of 12-13 teams, with the major conference champions and six wildcards. This first step is better than the current system of just two teams.

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The Republican Party learned a long time ago, lets say back in 1993-94 when they were planning a takeover of Congress, that they represent a lot of ignorant Americans whom they need to keep them in power. These people collect the public assistance, that the party likes to bash, to support themselves because they are too dumb to finish high school and get the skills that they need to be successful in life.

I mention this because the GOP, led by political wordsmith Frank Luntz, are the masters of the word game in politics, something that Democrats have only caught on to since 2005-06, when they saw their opportunity to finally win back Congress.

So, as Bill Maher said, the estate tax is the death tax.

To quote Representative Michelle Bachmann, same-sex-marriage and pornography are threats to national security, not just immoral.

Gun regulation is complete state-control of firearms in America.

Health insurance expansion and a Patients Bill of Rights are a government takeover of health care.

To the rest of the country, which finished high school and gets its news from some place other than the Washington Times or FOX News, these charges are garbage. But to uneducated Americans, who don’t know any better, it looks completely reasonable to vote Republican in election after election to keep those immoral Democrats from taking over.

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I have a better idea than Thom Hartmann’s. How about firing the whole damn Drug Enforcement Agency and replacing them with something more intelligent, and easier to understand and explain like the U.S. tax code. Damn straight, bring them all in, starting with Director Michelle Leonhart, and say, “You’re fired! (Quoting the Donald.) We can’t afford your stupidity anymore.” With a national debt of around seventeen-trillion dollars we can’t afford to spend fifty-billion dollars a year on this stupid War on Drugs. It is as stupid as one person spending a million dollars a year on bubble gum.

I don’t know this for a fact but I believe this is my first ever satire about the stupid War on Drugs, which we know is not real because of all the dangerous legal narcotics in the country. I’ll check my blogger files for anyone who is actually interested in knowing if this is my first War on Drugs satire or not. And if you really need to know that than you probably are up late every night watching the Home Shopping Network and simply do not have enough constructive things to do with your time.

If we wanted a real War on Drugs, not only would alcohol and tobacco be illegal today but also addictive prescription drugs as well. If you want to assess the damage that narcotics have done in this country, start with the legal drugs first. There are millions of Americans who use dangerous narcotics but aren’t in jail because the drugs that they use are legal. Some of them are smart about how they use them. They don’t get addicted to them. Others, like the DEA, are not so bright and really mess themselves up, as well as innocent people with whom they interact.

I actually agree with Thom Hartmann on something, for the first time in 2014, I believe, but I could be wrong. When a Democratic Administration that is supposed to be a liberal Democratic Administration (the jury is still out on that) uses the same drug warrior propaganda as the drug warriors on both the neoconservative right and paternalist, statist left, you need to bring those people into your office and say to them, “You’re fired! We can’t afford you anymore.”

War on Drugs

War on Drugs

Christian Right
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Perhaps the new way to describe the Christian Right in America is to call them the “Do What I Say Not What I do Right.” Perhaps the so-called the “Family Values Coalition” (which has as much meaning as “jumbo shrimp”) should be called the “Moral in Public Coalition” or the “What We Do in Private is our Business and what other Americans do in Private is our Business Too Coalition.” Because of our morality and honesty we know best how each and every American should live their own lives. How about “The Give Me a Break Coalition?”

There’s a powerful religious/political block in the United States called the Christian Right or Religious Right. A lot of these people, despite their bigoted views, are otherwise good people. They are loyal to their spouses, loyal to their kids, volunteer for their communities, help the less-fortunate and a lot of other things that make people good. This voting block, at least in the South and rural America, is usually big enough to decide whether Republicans are politically successful or not.

But here’s a perfect example of why religion shouldn’t be mixed with politics. I’m not saying that religious people shouldn’t be active in politics but that when religion gets mixed into your political philosophy, or becomes your political philosophy as with the Christian Right, it becomes a big problem. Then your politics tend to oppose the constitutional rights of other Americans. They have constitutional rights to live their own lives as they choose, because of the rights of privacy, free speech, and freedom of religion, even if their choices go against your religious beliefs. Attempting to encode your religious beliefs in law, as in “Right to Life,” infringes the constitutional rights of citizens who do not agree with you.

But I can’t end this post without addressing the hypocrisy of politicians who claim to live by moral or family values. What does that mean? That’s like hearing Republicans say that they believe in individual freedom and responsibility. Individual freedom and responsibility for whom to do what? They tend to leave out the answers to these questions when speaking in public. In private, they do what makes them happy and try not to get caught.

Maybe the so-called Moral or Family Values Coalition should say we believe this is how other Americans should live their lives. If you don’t live your life as we tell you to do, we are going to label you as immoral or Un-American, even if we do the same things you’re doing.

The Republican Party needs this religious fringe because they can’t be politically successful without it. They have to pretend to care about their issues or they’ll not win elections.

Los Angeles Lakers
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You could make a very good case that both Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Earvin Johnson are among the best basketball players of all time. Kareem played most of his career for the Lakers and Magic, his whole career. That, alone, puts them in a tie for greatest Los Angeles Laker of all time. Then, for 3, 4 and five there are plenty of other great Lakers to choose from.

For the rest of the list, I would start with Big Game James Worthy who was a franchise caliber player in the prime of his career. He would have been the best player on almost every other team in the NBA. He played with the Lakers for nine seasons with Magic and seven seasons with Kareem. He almost won games 6 and 7 against the Detroit Pistons in the 1988 NBA Finals on his own and was the MVP of that Finals.

So I would go with Kareem and Magic at one without being sure who’s one and who’s two and then I go to Big Game James at three. Then I’m looking at Jerry West at four and then Kobe Bryant, Jerry West or Elgin Baylor at five. Shaquille O’Neal is not on my list because after he played half of his career with the Lakers, it went almost completely downhill. He wasn’t even the best Laker of his era. He dominated, the 2000s, a very weak era for NBA big men. Shaq has some big strikes against him.

Jerry West and Kobe Bryant finish off my list. Jerry’s not only in the top five or ten players of all time but perhaps the best NBA general manager of all time. He built the Showtime Lakers of the 1980s. So I would put him at four and then go to Kobe Bryant, the best all around NBA player post Michael Jordan. He was the best player since Michael retired up until Lebron James arrived in Miami to play for the Heat. Oh, by the way, Kobe’s won five NBA Finals as well and, without the injuries late in his career, he’s perhaps still the best player in the NBA right now.