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Source: NBC Sports– LA Dodgers 1B Steve Garvey

Source: NBC Sports: MLB 1978- World Series Game 2- New York Yankees @ Los Angeles Dodgers: Full Game

Not often at least since that we’ve seen rematches in the World Series. Which is what 1978 was since the Dodgers played the Yankees in the 1977 World Series as well. But this was a rematch and one of the best World Series ever with two very close teams and the series could’ve gone either way. What separates the World Series of the 1970s from today, is that back then the series wasn’t just between the two teams that won their league championship. Or got hot at the perfect time, but were really against two great teams. Both the 78 Yankees and 78 Dodgers, were deep teams both offensively, as well as pitching. That could hit for average, power, run the bases. Unlike team teams today that might be really good in one area like with their pitching, but barley score enough to win games. Or score a lot of runs, but have weak starting pitching.


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