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Don’t get me wrong, I’m in favor of what I call and others on the center-left call common sense gun control. And no that doesn’t mean gun prohibition and outlawing the second amendment. It means prohibiting stupid and crazy people and criminals who might be both, or even highly intelligent from owning or possessing firearms in America. And I’m not talking about preventing your average serial jaywalker from having a gun. Or even above average or below average serial jaywalker. For example since I qualify as a serial jaywalker and damn proud of my illegal walking across the streets, I wouldn’t be banned under common sense gun control from owning or possessing a firearm. As long as I don’t go stupid or nuts or become a real criminal that actually hurts innocent people. Which is who I’m talking about.

But gun control is like putting out a burning house with a baby’s spit, to try to solve a much larger problem and to put it simply. And if that is still not simple enough for you, you might be on my list of people who shouldn’t own or possess firearms in America. We need to go much further than that and if you are seriously interested in passing a constitutional amendment and are concern about gun violence, I might have an idea for you. How about we pass a constitutional amendment that prohibits idiots and mental patients from owning or possessing firearms in America. We’ll call it the mentally handicapped violence prevention amendment, or HVPA for all of you acronym junkies. Who obviously have way too much free time, or you wouldn’t be an acronym junkie.

I know what you are thinking, the politically correct crazy Left (MSNBC) would go nuts over this, because for one their gun rights would be taken away. But they would have a problem with Americans being denied rights simply for being stupid or crazy and claim discrimination towards stupid and crazy people. And perhaps invent new terms like nutism, which would be like racism for crazy people. And perhaps idiotism, which would be like racism for, well for idiots, if you’re keeping score at home. And if you are, similar to the acronym junkie, get a life.

I’m not trying to make fun of a very serious subject here. Strike that, of course I am, but hopefully doing it in a way that makes a serious solid point. Which is as long as we have stupid and crazy people with access to firearms in America, legal or illegal they’ll find ways to get guns and then take out their frustrations on people that they see as threats, who are completely innocent. If you don’t believe me and perhaps see me as a reporter for The Onion or something, (I wish) just look at the mental condition’s of our shooters the last what four years now and the people they’ve hurt or killed as a result.
Crazy People


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Megyn Kelly

Megyn Kelly

This post was originally posted at The New Democrat on WordPress

I’m going to start this post off with a few expressions that may sound cheesy today, but explain what I’m getting at perfectly. “Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. And the other one being, “every good reporters gets at least two sources on their story before they run with it”. The second is definitely true, but since we are now in a twenty-four hour news cycle with the first to report on something considered to be the winner in the Super Bowl of ratings war, even if they are inaccurate with their reporting, that rule is not followed very much anymore. It’s about being first and figuring out what actually happened later.

My point is about Fox News and her’s another expression, take everything that Fox News reports, especially about Democrats, people on the Left or even Republicans and people on the Right that the Tea Party and Far-Right views as RINOS or fake Republicans with at least a jar of salt. Forget about the grain of salt cliché, I mean seriously what can you do with a grain of salt anyway, it probably won’t even make you thirsty. Fox News in name only and they are only there as the official mouthpiece for the Tea Party and Far-Right in America. And perhaps the only cable network that take Representative Michelle Bachmann seriously and doesn’t see her as an escaped mental patient.

Everything you saw in this video actually happened. The Newsroom just took from what Fox News and other right-wing media sources reported on air. They just used their own lips, mouths and pieces against them. What’s the quickest way to defeat your opponent in an election or any other political battle? Use their own words against them, but make sure you inform people who are awake, competent and listening to you. Anytime Fox News claims to report something and you’re someone who is actually interested in news, well if that’s the case you’re probably not watching Fox News, but if you are, check at least three or four real news sources to make sure what FNC is reporting is actually accurate.

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Imagine a world without stupidity, hey that’s the title of this blog, well sort of, sometimes it helps to pay attention to what you are writing, but sometimes it can also cost you. Because you might think that “damn I’m a bad writer” and if you are wondering about the language? Well the title of this blog should’ve been a very big clue. Like the size of a dinosaur actually and if that’s still not big enough for you, then you are part of the stupid bullshit problem in America that’s holding us down.

But seriously imagine a world without stupid bullshit and as you are imagining that, imagine a world without Rick Santorum, Michele Bachmann, Michael Moore, Melissa Harris-Perry, to name some examples. You think a world without stupid people, well that could be big problem. Because who would we have to make fun of anymore. I thought of that and decided its a chance worth risking because. Of all the stupidity that would be moved to Siberia or some place in hell like that. As the smart people are now in charge.

Imagine a world where we had politicians and other public officials who actually knew what the hell they were doing. We wouldn’t go to war over bogus evidence because we would have a President and a National Security Council who actually knew how to read intelligence reports. We wouldn’t have a fiscal cliff because we would have a President and a Congress who would be smart enough not to put the country through that. We wouldn’t have a sequester because we wouldn’t have a President and a Congress who were smart enough not to cut things across the board.

Meaning cutting parts of government that we need as much as waste in government. You might think a world without stupid people would be a problem. Because we would have a Congress that actually knew what the hell they were doing and start being very productive as passing a lot of legislation and as a Liberal I generally believe more laws that are passed, the less freedom that we would have. But think about it this way, no more stupid people in Congress, House or Senate. And replaced by people who actually know how to write good legislation.

A world without stupid people would be a world with a no stupid zone. To sort of borrow Bill O’Reilly’s no spin zone and Billy wouldn’t be allowed in the no stupid zone because it would be a world without stupidity and things like intolerance, racism, homophobia. And other types of bigotry would be eliminated. Because all the stupid people would be rounded up because they wouldn’t have the same constitutional rights as smart people. And the stupid people would be sent to Siberia or some place and the smart people would rule the world.
Stupid People

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The Republican Party learned a long time ago, lets say back in 1993-94 when they were planning a takeover of Congress, that they represent a lot of ignorant Americans whom they need to keep them in power. These people collect the public assistance, that the party likes to bash, to support themselves because they are too dumb to finish high school and get the skills that they need to be successful in life.

I mention this because the GOP, led by political wordsmith Frank Luntz, are the masters of the word game in politics, something that Democrats have only caught on to since 2005-06, when they saw their opportunity to finally win back Congress.

So, as Bill Maher said, the estate tax is the death tax.

To quote Representative Michelle Bachmann, same-sex-marriage and pornography are threats to national security, not just immoral.

Gun regulation is complete state-control of firearms in America.

Health insurance expansion and a Patients Bill of Rights are a government takeover of health care.

To the rest of the country, which finished high school and gets its news from some place other than the Washington Times or FOX News, these charges are garbage. But to uneducated Americans, who don’t know any better, it looks completely reasonable to vote Republican in election after election to keep those immoral Democrats from taking over.

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Senator Ted Cruz is one of the biggest sore losers in Congress both physically and personally. Not to know that he doesn’t have the votes to get what he wants that he’ll be forced to give up the floor on Wednesday when the Senate officially comes back into session if he doesn’t do that before. Because there are probably 10-15 Senate Republicans along with all fifty-four soon to be fifty-five Senate Democrats, who’ll vote to move forward on the vote to kill the House passed government spending bill that defunds the Affordable Care Act.

Apparently Senator Cruz is either delusional, so high on pot you would need the Star Trek Enterprise to bring him back to Earth, a lonely bachelor with nothing to do, but to stay up late not watching home shopping channels, but standing on the floor of the U.S. Senate past midnight talking to one person, the presiding officer who is snoring in the chair, or is just a cruel person who enjoys wasting people’s time including his own. There’s nothing for him to gain here, other than making it on late-night TV as a national joke.
Ted Cruz

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FilibusterSource: This piece was originally posted at FRS FreeStates Plus

I was watching a little of C-SPAN today before I went bike riding and went out and did what I needed to do. Why, because I’m a political junky whose interested in other things than the George Zimmerman case. And actually interested in important news that affects the country and that makes me un-American than so be it. C-SPAN was showing a debate in the U.S. Senate and for all of you Zimmerman trial junkies who are perhaps reading this blog by accident, thinking this was also about George Zimmerman, one turn off your TV.

And perhaps take a look out in the world and see what else is going on. But C-SPAN is the network that covers the United States Congress and other current affairs events that are going on the country. And C-SPAN was showing an old Senate debate from 2005 when the then Senate Republican majority and the last one that they’ve had wanted to eliminate the filibuster on executive appointments. I was watching this old Senate debate and couldn’t, but help notice the hypocrisy on both sides.

If I had to guess there was more hypocrisy coming from the Republican side led by then Senate Assistant Leader Mitch McConnell. Who is now of course the Minority Leader a job he’s had since 2007 when Democrats took control of Congress. And if I had to bet there’s probably more hypocrisy coming from Senate Republicans than Democrats. But if this were some crazy contest it would be a nail biter. I mean it would be like trying to to decide which is redder, or the red apple or tomato? How would you and besides why would you care?

Neither side has been very responsible here. But guess what, this is Congress and why would the Senate be responsible anyway, they don’t work for a living. Neither does the House of Representatives in too many cases as well. But the same people led by Mitch McConnell today Senator Orin Hatch and Senator Jeff Sessions all members of the Judiciary Committee and then Senate Leader Bill Frist who first proposed the so-called nuclear-option, are now saying this is a power grab by Senate Democrats and they’re the ones being unfair.

“Sure if we do this, we’re acting in the best interest of our party, I mean country. But when the other side does it, it is a complete abuse of power and unconstitutional”. I mean seriously anyone who is actually familiar with Congress, still wondering why they have a ten-percent approval rating? And who are these ten-percent anyway? Any of them not living in mental hospitals and not in comas. Perhaps whoever does these polls, counts dead people. You know, the way they vote in Illinois, Louisiana and New Jersey.

Where do Congress people come up with these labels? “We’re saying the Democratic obstructionism is out of control. And we need to do away with the filibuster? Are now saying that “the filibuster is a check on absolute power in America”. On the Democratic side back in 2005 led by then Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid who is now of course the Leader to go along with Senator Chuck Schumer who is also on the. Judiciary Committee to go along with Senator Jack Reid, Senator Evan Bayh and others, those Democrats were saying eliminating the Senate filibuster would be a power grab.

“We’re saying that eliminating the filibuster would be an abuse of power and go against two-hundred years of Senate tradition and so-forth”. Wait, aren’t these Democrats supposed to be the Liberals, what do they care about tradition? But now they are saying that “the filibuster now represents ruling by minority. With one minority party in this case the Senate Republican Conference led by Mitch McConnell now running and having veto say on how the executive and judicial branches can now operate. When instead they are just supposed to be one voice and a minority voice at that”.

The point being that there’s enough hypocrisy and hypocritical people, to be nice, bullshit artists to be accurate here to form their own national club of bullshit artists. “We’re a club that creates and promotes bullshit across the country”. Apparently the agriculture sector is really struggling and then they need to create this national club, because they aren’t producing enough bullshit. Apparently Winnie the Bull is sick or something.

This club wouldn’t need any other members because all the available spaces would be filled by the United States Senate and an example of why ninety-percent of Americans dislike Congress. Because we have a lot of Senators like this. This whole Senate filibuster debate is all about “do what I say not what I do. Forget about my past record because this is what is important now and what I believe in”. They sound like your parents, right.

Which of course is the easiest near advantage that they can use against the other side and hit them as hard as they can with it until they lose power. Apparently unaware that will be used against them once they are out of power. Rather than doing what is best for the Senate and respecting the true role of the Senate as the upper chamber in Congress and its role in the Federal Government.

The Young Turks: Harry Reid Full of Cat Shit On Filibuster Nuclear Option

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