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As far as the 1988 vice presidential debate between Senator Lloyd Bentsen and Dan Quayle, people who believe Dan Quayle won that debate and would find him to be an acceptable Vice President and more important President of the United States as a result, are the same people who fail in school and have to repeat grades and courses. People who don’t do their homework. The same people who voted for George W. Bush as for President twice and now think he was a bad President. “Damn! If I only did my homework!”

Not saying Dan Quayle is a dumb man. I don’t think he was a dumb U.S. Representative or Senator in Congress or a dumb Vice President even. From what I heard he was a solid Vice President for President George H.W. Bush and President Bush kept him busy, but behind the scenes so he couldn’t make any big public mistakes, like the potato incident in 1991 or 92. But not being dumb is not a qualification for being Vice President or President of the Untied States. That is the bare-minimum to serving in those roles.

I think Dan Quayle had he stayed in the U.S. Senate and continued to study and do his homework, would’ve turned out to be a fine Senator and member of Congress. There are plenty of people who graduate college and never become famous. And why is that, because even though they are fairly intelligent, there’s nothing really impressive about them, at least upstairs. And they end up selling insurance, driving trucks, perhaps working at a small law firm. Chasing accidents and looking to score money from bogus accident cases.

As far as David Letterman not doing Diane Sawyer on 60 Minutes, wait that didn’t some out right. Actually it came out perfectly and I’ll let the readers figure out what I mean by this. But as far Dave not being interviewed by Diane, to clean this up a little bit, Diane was probably too distracting for him. To cute and sweet and he would’ve ended up staring at her face in some trance as a result.
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George Carlin
This post was originally posted at The New Democrat

America has Freedom of Speech and I love that, as long as we don’t threaten, libel, harass people or yell fire in a movie theater. Perhaps you can yell fire at a ballpark or outside or even in your house though, but I wouldn’t try that unless it’s the real thing, otherwise you might be asked the question. “What are you in for?” By a guy or girl named Bubba with hairy armpits and hasn’t showered since they were a kid. And you may say, “uh I yelled fire in a crowded place and they might say I’m in for murdering a grandmother. So I can steal her food stamps”, how small would you feel then.

I support Freedom of Speech as a Liberal of course even Freedom of Hate Speech, expression like for pornography and other adult activities. But two groups of people to me at least who don’t get the right to complain, are people who didn’t bother to vote. I mean if you don’t do your part to make the system better, what the hell right do you have to complain about people who screwed up the system. The other people who I believe have no right to complain are people who spend too much money and then are disappointed about what they got for their money.

We get what we paid for, if you’re cheap, chances are you’re not going to get much in return. If you’re too generous chances are you’re not going to get enough back in what you invested. You have to know what you’re paying or voting for and then spend and vote for what’s worth it to get what you want. I’ll give you a few of examples and I apologize they are sports related, but I’ll give you another example as well that’s not.

It’s like a general manager who spends 20M$ on a career backup quarterback to be his starter because that QB had one good season filling in for the starting QB, but then once they get to their new team they have a lousy season and the GM is thinking. “What 20M$ on a guy who completes 50% of his passes and throws more INT’s then TD’s and doesn’t even finish the season because the backup QB is better. I could’ve paid the schmuck who played QB for me last year that money and gotten a better deal”. Because you’re paying for failure when you overpay and well my answer would be why the hell did you spend 20M$ on a guy who was a backup QB for 6-7 years. He was a backup that long because he wasn’t good enough to start for the most part and got his one break and took advantage of it and took that to the bank, but then came back to reality.

Like a millionaire who has a horses face and then meets a hot women who just wants him for his money. And then leaves him once she has it or a big part of it. Another group of people who don’t have a right to complain are sports fans that go and watch all of their teams games. Take Washington Redskins fans who have led the NFL in attendance the last ten years at least, but then these people have the guts to complain about how bad their team is. If you don’t like them, stop giving them your money. Find something else to do with your time.

Another group of people who don’t have a right to complain are voters who complain about the same politicians, but then keep sending them back to office, by doing that you’re just encouraging more bad behavior. You’re telling them “they must like the job I’m doing because they keep sending me back to office”. As comedian George Carlin says, politicians come from the same places that we do. Have similar parents, families, schools, churches etc. If you don’t like them, find someone who you like that will do a good job.

Make sure you do a good job researching that candidate, which will make you an educator voter. Which will make you a powerful voter, someone who won’t put up with the same garbage as uneducated voters. Or run for office yourself. But don’t complain, you only get what you voted and paid for.

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