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Source: Murmar– Joan Collins

Source: This piece was originally posted at The Daily Review

As far as Frank Sinatra. When you’re worth hundreds of millions of dollars which is probably what Frank Sinatra was worth in today’s money back in the 1950s and 1960s, you don’t believe you live on top of the world. You believe you own the world and that anything you want you just get by asking or ordering it. You meet and work with a beautiful adorable brunette like Joan Collins with a great sense of humor and decide you want to have dinner with her that night. Why would the fact that you are currently in Hamburg Germany and Joan is probably 1000 miles or so away in England get in the way with you getting together with her that night?

You own your own plane and can just send it to her and pick her up and fly her back to Germany where you’re currently working. You’re not just perhaps the most popular singer in the world, but you’re a Hollywood star in films. Why would the fact that Joan Collins has an early call the next morning affect whether you two can get together that night? You just call your friend at Joan’s studio where she’s working for and tell him that she will be late the next morning because she’s having dinner with you in Germany.

That is how Frank Sinatra was probably thinking back then and what Joan did according to this interview was turn him down. And as Joan put it Frank Sinatra didn’t handle rejection real well because he wasn’t accustomed to being rejected. I mean rejecting Frank Sinatra could cost you. Jack and Bobby Kennedy rejected Frank in the early 60s by not going out to his home in California and instead going to Bing Crosby’s on a trip out there and Frank never forgave Bobby for that.

As far as Mae West. Joan Collins has this famous quote that age is just a number. If I had to guess I would say that quote is actually Mae West’s quote. Myra Breckinridge which was originally written by Gore Vidal comes out as a film in 1970 with Raquel Welch playing Myra and Mae West is in that movie. She’s already in her eighties at that point and could’ve actually been Frank Sinatra’a mother as far as years, perhaps Joan Collins grandmother and yet she’s still performing and singing in that movie and playing a sex goddess who wants to bring young sexy men up to her penthouse. The woman has a bed in her office in that movie. A woman who is already in her eighties.

As far as Marilyn Monroe. Joan is obviously right that gorgeous blondes aren’t taken seriously in Hollywood. Nothing new to report there. Lauren Bacall and Ingrid Bergman would be exceptions to that because they both showed early on in their careers that they had to be taken seriously and it would cost the studios money if they weren’t taken seriously, because those two women were both very intelligent and knew how to take care of themselves and how the business worked and what they were worth and meant to the movie industry. Marilyn Monroe wasn’t a dumb blonde, but was certainly immature and overly adorable both in appearance and personality and was probably used and taken advantage of as a result. And treated like a little girl.

Murmar: Larry King Live- Joan Collins: Talks Frank Sinatra, Marilyn Monroe & Mae West


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Source: Neon Dreams

Source: This piece was originally posted at The New Democrat Plus

Wow! Jill St. John, Gena Rowlands, Sue Lyon, I mean this movie is a freakin baby-face fest. Three hot sexy baby-face goddess’ in the same movie. This movie could’ve been, well garbage to keep it clean, but as long as Jill, Gena and Sue looked the way that they did and were as good as they were in the movie, I would’ve still watched and recorded and seen it over and over as much as I have already. But take the baby-face goddess’ out of this movie and you still have one hell of a detective moving involving pi’s and the police.

Tony Rome plays a former cop now turned private detective now living in Miami, who is somewhat of a underachiever and lazy as a detective. And when not working cases prefers to make his money the easy way. I mean the man lives on a boat that he won in a card game, for crying out loud. He’s a gambler and a bit of a hustler, but people around him respect him and know how good of a detective he is. And that’s how he gets his latest client, well really clients, the Klosterman’s.

This movie starts with Rome played by Frank Sinatra getting a call from Ralph Turpin his ex-partner played by Robert Wilkie, who is now the house detective at a Miami hotel. Turpin finds a young hot baby-face adorable women Diana Pines played by Sue Lyon. As drunk as Jim Morrison on a four-week binge lying dead asleep in bed. Turpin also discovers who she is by going through her identification. The daughter of the biggest real estate developer in South Florida Rudy Klosterman played by Simon Oakland. Turpin doesn’t want to drive Diana home and deal with Klosterman, because Turpin is a bit of a crook and doesn’t want any further trouble.

That is where Rome comes him because Turpin calls his ex-partner Rome down to the hotel to drive her home and not release the name of the hotel and gives him two-hundred bucks for it. Diana’s father is really upset and worried about his daughter and wants to know what is wrong with her. And hires Rome to find out. Turns out Diana is missing a diamond pin that is supposed to be worth a thousand-dollars or something, but the pin is really made of glass and worth twenty-bucks instead. Every person that Rome works for in this movie is somehow either involved in organized crime, or has friends who are.

Every time Rome gets close to something, someone dies and the evidence leads back to him. So he has both organized crime and Miami police after him. Because the mob lets say wants the pin that they believe is worth thousands of dollars, even though it is really worth a couple cheap lunches if that. But Rome keeps getting closer and keeps digging until he finally solves the case. If you like great writing, action, drama, gorgeous, baby-face adorable women and comedy, you’ll love Tony Rome because it has all of that plus a lot more.
Neon Dreams: Tony Rome 1967 Official Trailer

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The Rat Pack
Source: This piece was originally posted at The New Democrat

Frank would’ve made an excellent talk show host with his sense of humor. His ability to sing obviously and all the people he knew. Plus his intelligence and interests the ability to talk about multiple topics. But this interview with Angie Dickenson I bet was fairly easy for him. Except for perhaps trying to focus and pay attention to the interview and not just stare at Angie the whole time. Who just happens to be one of the top goddess’ in Hollywood history.

I bet this interview was easy for Mr. Blue Eyes, because he and Angie knew each other pretty well. They worked together to do the 1960 film Oceans Eleven. They were very friendly and had history together and gave them both an opportunity to talk about some of the better moments in both entertainer’s career. And the time they spent together. I just wish I knew what show this was.
Mr Dnice: Oceans 11 1960 Interview Angie Dickinson & Frank Sinatra

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Source: Vintage Comedy Clips: Dean Martin Show- Frank Sinatra

Astonishing that someone could guess their own voice. Next we may see people bathing in water or people breathing air. How advanced our world has become so far so soon. And you want to know what the grand prize for the impossible accomplishment of guessing your own name? Well, I’ll tell you anyway. You get a free trip to your own city. To see the sights you already not just have seen, but even own. And you get money, but less money than you pay your two-dollar whore.

But what do you expect to get from guessing your own damn name anyway. What’s next, we reward people for being able to take two steps without tripping over their own shoelaces? I mean we’re not exactly talking about a major life accomplishment here. We’re not talking about something challenging here. Like I don’t know, winning the World Series as the manager of the Chicago Cubs. Or even leading them to the playoffs. Now that would be a real accomplishment.

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Source: My Travel Clips: The Rat Pack- A&E Biography

A group of some of the best and funniest entertainers of all-time. In Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin, you’re talking about two of the top singers and certainly comedic actors ever. Guys who were also great at dramatic comedy as well. Men who were also two of the top vocalists of all-time. And when you add their off the cuff humor and dramatic ability, to go with the singing and you’re about guys who were born to entertain and act. Guys who combined many different role and styles of entertainment, in their entertainment routine. Of singing, acting and comedy. That is how you get the title of Chairman of The Board, as Frank Sinatra more than earned. Because he was the top man in Hollywood and the entertainment business.

Add Peter Lawford, who was a tall muscular 6’2, I would add better looking Frank Sinatra. Who was perhaps the best all around actor in this group that also had Joey Bishop and Sammy Davis in it and you’re not just talking about good friends and partners. You’re talking about Hollywood’s real-life version of the firm, or an exclusive private club which they were. Where it doesn’t take being at the top of your game to get in. But the top of the Hollywood game. To not be in your prime, but to be the best of the best in Hollywood. Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin, are probably the two most famous and successful members of this club. But this was a club, a great club, where every member more than deserved to be part of.

And of course Sammy Davis. A great and talented musical comedian, who was great at both, who was only a little man in physical stature. Who accomplished so much in a fairly short life. Despite being a horrible victim of racial and ethnic discrimination, because he was both African and Jewish. Who lost business and work opportunities, simply because he married and Nordic-Swedish women, May Britt. But the fact that a guy like Sammy Davis is part of The Rat Pack, is two credits to The Rat Pack, but also Sammy. Sammy being good enough to be part of this group. But that The Rat Pack, was a business and the only color that good business’s are interested in is the color green. And I’m not talking about the Irish, but the color of money. Race, ethnicity and color, were not of interest to The Rat Pack.

Actor/comedian Joey Bishop, who I’m not as familiar with and that’s probably my fault, was also a great member of this group. If you watch The Rat Pack movie Ocean’s Eleven, not a great movie, but a very good movie and certainly better than all the Ocean’s that came after it, Joey Bishop was very good in that. Playing the right-hand man of the guy who puts their casino operations together. This group also had honorable members to it. People who weren’t official members, but did a lot of work with them and close friends of them. Actress Angie Dickinson, one of the top Hollywood Goddess’s of all-time both physically, but a hell of an actress, (and Police Women as well) was one of the non-official members of this group.

Of course Ava Gardner, was also part of this group as an honorable member and add Lana Turner to this list, Janet Leigh at least to some extent. The Rat Pack truly was a whose who of Hollywood. People who were very talented and very successful, but also all came with a lot of baggage. Where it almost looked like they lived the lives of people they played in films. Or others played in films. They literally lived made for Hollywood lives. Perhaps especially Frank, Ava and Lana. The Rat Pack was their own talent agency. If you’re just friends and associates of this group, you knew you made it. Because only people who’ve already made it, or in Sammy Davis’s case had a great talent that simply was overlooked (for whatever reasons) by Hollywood, were going to be part of this group.

To paraphrase in what he said early in this video. The Rat Pack defined cool in Hollywood. They were what cool was in a time where that word generally wasn’t used in pop culture terms that it is today. And generally just used to describe ones laid back personality. They defined what cool was, because they set the trends and were the only people that they knew how to be which was themselves. They did what they wanted to do when they wanted to do it and how they wanted to do it. The classic individuals in a very collectivist trendy industry where performers were supposed to all be a certain way and always act that way. Or risk losing work. But no one owned The Rat Pack themselves. And they were very successful at being themselves and always doing what they wanted to do when they wanted to do it. And they could get away with that, because of how good and popular they were.

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