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The Leather King

The Leather King

Source: This piece was originally posted at The New Democrat

Before I make Jim Morrison look real bad here I’ll say that this was one of The Doors best performances ever even as short as it was. The Lizard King (and I say that for a reason) was at the top of his game with the vocals and everyone played very well. But if you watch the video (and you are not blind) you see something real obvious and may get to thinking “what the hell”. (or something stronger than that) Because you see Morrison in his classic black leather suit. Nothing strange there from him, but with a big fact erection sticking out of his leather jeans. I don’t know how you go out on stage with that sticking out and that is assuming you are sober. And perhaps The Lizard King wasn’t and this was one of the reasons why he was The Lizard King. Because he was so out there and not just wore the black leather jeans at most of his performances. But his leathers were so skin-tight and revealing that anything that got him excited sexually was going to be seen by a lot of people and this case being on Sullivan by millions of people. And it happened to him in one of the most public places possible on Ed Sullivan on national TV on Sunday night in 1967.


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The Lizard King

Source: FRS Daily Journal Plus– The Lizard King Jim Morrison

Source: The Doors: The Doors Live in Europe 1968

This might be The Doors best concert. Starts off of course with Jim Morrison sticking his big leather ass at the audience and he starts shaking and turns around and the concert gets going with Light My Fire. And then of course he has to adjust his pants and concho belt. But that is what you got with The Lizard King, that I also call The Leather King. Because he wasn’t just a vocalist, but a performer. Who knew exactly what he brought to the table and how to entertain and especially women. His whole show was about sexual effect, as well as the singing of course. But that whole Lizard King persona with his with the skin-tight leather suit and boots, was a show.

A rock and roll, but also a sexual show. He wanted to be noticed, especially by women. He wanted them to check him out. That is why young man with his look and appearance wears skin-tight black leather jeans, with a concho belt. He’s telling women, “check men out. Especially my crotch, legs and ass. I’m here for the whole world to see.” Or he was simply too drunk and high to know what the hell he was doing. Why would a sober man wear a skin-tight leather suit, concho belt and cowboy boots, wherever he goes. Unless he’s a cowboy or something. The alcohol probably had something to do with The Lizard King’s wardrobe, but I also believe he knew exactly what he was doing with it. And wanted to bring a hell of a lot of attention to himself. And was very successful at that.

In just a ninety-second video, you see exactly what Jim Morrison is doing and what he’s trying to accomplish there. To get notice and not just as a great vocalist and frontman and I believe he might be the best frontman of all-time. At least from the Baby Boom Generation. He was a great entertainer who was probably 10-15 years ahead of him time as far as style and wardrobe. But Steppenwolf vocalist John Kay, and Elvis Presley, had their own leather jeans and leather suits as well, after The Lizard King in the late 1960s. Again a credit to Morrison, because he set a trend here for rock and roll and roll and not just classic rock. His leather suit, was ahead of its time, but became very mainstream by the late 1970s and into the early 1980s. Where it seemed like every headbanger bad a pair black leather jeans and black leather boots, and a black leather jacket and did their own Lizard King look.

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