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I’m not a doctor and don’t pretend be one, but from what I know about the medical profession (which might only be enough to fill one paragraph) is that good doctors at least don’t try to fix the problems without first performing a diagnosis. They actually take the time to see what is the medical problem with the patient before they try to fix the problem. People get wrong prescriptions because their doctors given them the wrong diagnosis and recommend a prescription that might fix another problem, but not the problem that this patient is facing. People get even sicker or see their physical conditions worsen simply because their original problem wasn’t diagnosed properly and therefor not effectively treated.

Giving someone an aspirin to deal with a broken ankle might give the patient short-term pain relief, but still leaving the ankle broken and perhaps it even gets worst because the patient believes their ankle is recovering. That would be an example of an extreme misdiagnosis. Maybe the doctor was drunk when they looked at the patent’s ankle, or perhaps examined the head by accident, before recommending aspirin for the pain. But hopefully you get the idea.

Another way to look at failures and weaknesses lets say is from the perspective of an addict. Lets use alcoholic as an example. I’m not an alcoholic either, but from what I’ve read and even seem to some extent that the only way an alcoholic can recover is first acknowledging that they have a problem that they’re indeed an alcoholic. They drink too much alcohol, get drunk too much and perhaps to the point that being drunk is a normal condition for them. Which I guess would be an extreme form of alcoholism. So my only point here is to before you try to fix a problem or personal problems that you might have, you first have to diagnose the problem and know what the problem is. Once you’ve accomplished step a, you can work to addressing the problem with a recovery plan.

Right-wing author and radio talk show host Eric Metaxas who I agree with as often as Los Angeles sees snow in August, but who was on BookTV on C-SPAN in I believe September (some of us actually have hobbies outside of realty TV and social media and like to use our brains) made a good point about mistakes and even screw ups. And he essentially said that we’re all screw ups. Thats not the question or the issue. The question and issue is what do we do about them.

Do we ignore them and not learn from history and keep repeating the same mistakes and seeing our problems get worst? “Those who don’t learn from history, are doomed to repeat it.” Or do we acknowledge them, take them in and even absorb them and memorize that feeling to the point that it feels so bad not that we don’t want to be consumed by it and let our failures run our lives, but that we know the feeling of failure so well that we don’t want to feel like that again. Not about being pessimist or overly optimistic, but being in touched with reality so we know exactly what’s going on so we know what to do about it.

John F. Kennedy is a political hero of mine, but one of the biggest reasons why is that he always challenged Americans to think and try to improve and move forward. Challenge the status quo not necessarily because the status quo was bad itself, but that we wanted us to be as good as we possibly can be. Which is one of my broad points here is that we all make mistakes and maybe Eric Metaxas isn’t completely right here and that we’re not all screw ups. I mean, if we were we would be nation of very stupid weak people who can’t seem to get anything right.

But Metaxas is right about at least one thing that we all screw up. And then the question becomes what was the mistake exactly and then figuring out what can be done about it. Unless you killed someone, including yourself and you’re not permanently paralyzed or are hurt so badly that you’ve been given a death sentence and will die in the short-term, whatever mistake you made there is a recovery plan to fix it. Or at least learn from it and do better in the future.

I’ll just leave you with this. For almost every problem short of killing someone and permanently paralyzing yourself, there’s a solution to that problem. It then becomes once you acknowledge that you have a problem and know what the problem is. For every mistake there’s a correction. Including horrible mistakes like running your business into the ground and going bankrupt, or making horrible investments that also lead to high debt and perhaps bankruptcy.

The alcoholism example is perfect here. Once you realize you are indeed an alcoholic and have a real problem there, you then can get treatment for it and recover. People have screwed up so badly in one profession that they can’t find any more work in that profession, but recover from that and prosper working in a different field. Take former White House Counsel John Dean who was part of President Nixon’s Watergate coverup who is now a successful author and columnist. A very successful writer now even though he was disbarred as a lawyer.

Step a, is acknowledging that you have a problem.

Step b, is knowing exactly what your problem is.

Step c, is putting together a recovery plan to fix the problem.

Step d, learning from your mistakes not to get overwhelmed by them, but so you know what went wrong and not to repeat the same mistakes. And then improving yourself so you do better in the future. Not about making mistakes in life. Of course we all do and perhaps have all made a lot of mistakes. The question is what do we do about them. Do we learn from them so we can do better in the future. Or ignore them and continue to repeat our negative history.

TIME Magazine: This Is The Best Way To Recover From Failure


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I could write a whole piece about the idealist vs. the realist and idealism vs. realism and how the realist lives on planet Earth. And that the idealist lives on planet Zodar or whatever, so far away that you couldn’t find that person with a made-up spaceship. Or is so high on pot or something that they could take a nap on cloud nine. Which you know what I gotta admit, that would be a hell of a lot more fun to write about. The person who lives in realty and believes in facts and makes the best of that world that they can. And the person who sees the world that they want and tries to force it on everyone else.

But what the two actors in this show were talking about was essentially news and facts vs. half-truths or even commentary. To put it simply, real news hard news vs. FOX News and MSNBC. Not putting down NBC News, which I believe is still a fine news organization. But their so-called news network isn’t and instead is a twenty-hour a day five-days a week talking head for the Far-Left in America telling them what they want to here. Brought to you by the people who live on planet Zodar or high up in clouds looking at the world from the way they want to see it. Not the way it actually is.

And to be fair and balanced which FOX News isn’t and there’s my lead in about FOX News, they simply aren’t a news organization. You take Shepard Smith and Chris Wallace away from them and they don’t have one real news anchor in their so-called news division. And are left with a bunch of talking heads for the Tea Party and Far-Right in America. And that is essentially where we are as a country politically. Where the fringes from both wings now look like the mainstream. And it is to the point the fringes have their own networks to represent their messages.

We live in a country where way too many Americans are not interested in the news. But for someone to represent what they want to hear and represent their political points of view. Not interested in facts, but information, even if you want to call it that which backs up their political points of view. And anything that contradicts their ideological and partisan viewpoints is treated as nothing more than bias media coverage from the opposition. Even if that information is actually true.

You want to know why Americans get stereotyped as dumb, I’ll tell you anyway. It is because too many Americans the hyper-partisans on the Right and Left aren’t interested in facts and information. Especially when that information hurts them politically. They want half-truths so that so they can say, “see I told, they are really as bad as I’ve been saying all along”. While ignoring the evidence that perhaps completely contradicts their partisan or ideological argument. And mainstream America as a result is turning off the news including cable and instead watching so-called reality TV, or finding other better things to do with their time.

HBO: The Newsroom- The Idealist vs The Realist

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