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The Lizard King

The Lizard King

Source: This piece was originally posted at The New Democrat

At least the early part of this concert sounds like the Oliver Stone version of The Doors from 1991 with Val Kilmer playing Jim Morrison. With The Lizard King drunk and wasted and barely being able to stand up and move around without losing his balance. And giving an awful performance in Miami, Florida and finally getting frustrated and starts cursing at the audience. Which is a true story and one of the few things that the Oliver Stone movie portrayed accurately. The New Haven concert would be another one.

The actual Live in London concert was very good and you get to Jim Morrison and The Doors (as I call them) at their best. With The Lizard King at his best in his classic rock and roll uniform the black leather suit, concho belt and cowboy boots that he put on the rock and roll map himself. Which is about an hour-long that I have on DVD. They play everything and Morrison is brilliant on the vocals and very entertaining as well.
The Lizard King: The Doors Full Concert Live in London 1968


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This post was originally posted at FRS FreeStates on WordPress

Just when you think government is already too big in Britain right now, now Brits can be arrested for what they do in their private time as well as being taxed up to their, lets say shoulders. To keep this post clean, but big government statists in America must be loving this right now. Here’s a country where big government statists on the Left and Right could live happily together, or at least find things they like about Britain. A country where people don’t have much individual freedom in their economic or personal lives.

Can’t really talk about the First Amendment, free speech and free assembly arguments about this decision in Britain. For one I’m not a lawyer and try my damndest to not play one on TV or even online when I blog. Second of all, not familiar with the British free speech rights and I don’t even believe they have one. The United Kingdom is not a constitutional republic or democracy. They are a constitutional monarchy and don’t even operate under a constitutional form of government.

For all you so-called Progressives in America who in Britain would be called Social Democrats, who want us to be like them. Imagine if we had their form of government, but in our country with our population. And if that is not a big enough nightmare for you, I’ll make it worst and perhaps deny you months worth of needed sleep. Imagine someone from the Christian-Right coming to power as President of the United States. Now they would be able to do this unilaterally and not even not have to consult Congress about it, but not have to worry about a constitutional court challenge.

Big government is exactly that, government that is too big. Otherwise it wouldn’t be called big government whether it comes from the Right or Left. It is government trying to micro-manage the life of their people, because they think the people are too stupid to perhaps even cross a busy street on their own and now we need federal street crossers to decide who can cross the street and when. That would be a nanny state at its extreme, but what they are doing with porn in Britain is not that far off.
Porn Star

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